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The first day of September! Now that autumn is around the corner I’m feeling energized. Autumn is my favorite season: the vibrant fall colors make everything come alive.

Autumn means lots of red, brown, gold, yellow and of course, orange. Mainly orange 🙂 Just because Pantone declared “Tangerine Tango” as 2012’s Color of the Year doesn’t mean orange is “so last year”. Orange will never go out of style, as we welcome it every fall season, year after year.

I think it has something to do with orange being a comfort color. Aside from the juicy, yummy fruit it was named after, we also have it in tones of pumpkin, tangerine, carrot, apricot, peach and tea rose. These not just look good, they taste good 🙂

In this article we’ll take a look at some gorgeous orange-hued interiors, orange accessories on the wish list, and some of my autumn-ready framed prints.

Orange you glad the season for this color is here? I am!

Orange Walls Make The Room

Giorgio Armani knows how to make a Swiss chateau look elegant yet warm and comforting. I’m in love with the dark wood and how he imbued Japanese influences in his choice of furnishings.

Contemporary dining room in Armani's Swiss getaway.

Contemporary dining room in Armani’s Swiss getaway. Designed by Armani/Casa. Photography by Roger Davies. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

In the dining room above the cinnabar fabric gives the room warmth and comfort. The orange curtains and chair upholstery come in two different shades, both of which match the understated orange of the walls.

The pumpkin walls in the bedroom below make a beautiful orange bedroom.

Traditional bedroom in Elizabeth Locke's Virginia home.

Traditional bedroom in Elizabeth Locke’s Virginia home. Designed by Alison Martin Interiors Ltd. and Jean Perin Interior Design. Photography by Joshua McHugh. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

This Virginia guest room is anchored by an early 19th century mahogany sleigh bed. I’m a fan of vintage suitcases and the stack on the foot of the bed is wonderful! The orange throw pillow on the chaise adds another perfect detail to this warm and inviting room.

Lovely Orange Home and Personal Accessories

I would really love me some orange at home. Wishing for orange curtains and walls…but not to be had! So instead I picked out some accessories that embody the spirit of autumn, all year long.

I’m totally loving the color-blocked leather bag! Which one’s your favorite?

Autumn Prints to Celebrate the Season

In the spirit of the season I came up with this virtual gallery of fall photographs I took in autumn last year.

Virtual gallery of autumn prints by Beverly Claire Kaiya

My virtual autumn gallery. Top from L to R: Popcorn Wannabe II, Popcorn Wannabe I. Bottom from L to R: Sunlight on Autumn Leaves, Pomegranate on a Tree, Vermillion Autumn Leaves

I don’t know the name of this plant that I found at a neighborhood park, but it sure reminds me of popcorn! Imagine plucking popcorn right off the the bush 🙂 I added a vintage look to complement the brown and orange tones in the image.

Popcorn Wannabe I

The frame is natural fine bamboo. It has a 2″ outer mat in Mandarin and 0.5″ inner mat in Topaz. The image shows a 20 x13.38″ print. Here’s the other half:

Popcorn Wannabe II by Beverly Claire Kaiya

For the pomegranate photo, the frames are Brazilian walnut, with a 2″ India mat. The fall leaves photos are printed on canvas in the image above.

These photos are available as prints at my store. So fun to try out different framing options there!

I hope you enjoyed this early autumn article on the season’s representative hue, orange. Are you decorating or accessorizing with orange? Please share your favorite items in the comments section below.

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  1. slf says:

    You made me curious about cinnabar. It’s a common ore of mercury and has color that’s: Cochineal-red, towards brownish red and lead-gray.

    Something new every day!

  2. slf says:

    Something else on wikipedia: Vermilion is a brilliant red or scarlet pigment originally made from the powdered mineral cinnabar, and is also the name of the resulting color.

  3. hanS says:

    ah, orange! love the color too, like orange daisies, orange tulips, you know, not the usual colors. drooling over the fendi bag, wonder if i’ll ever own one! will take me a lifetime, ha!

    “popcorn”s a great way to describe that plant. never seen it before. its my fave among the prints, for sure.

    i usually decorate for autumn by picking out a handful of red leaves. put in apothecary jar, instant decor! until the leaves dry up and crumble 🙂

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