Contemporary Room in Black, White and Gold

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It’s been a while since I’ve written about high end furniture. I’ve long admired the sleek minimalism in modern Italian design so I wanted to feature one today. In this article we’ll take a look at a room I rendered, a cool white space like in a product gallery. It features contemporary furniture combined with traditional Japanese tableware, straight from my kitchen cabinet 🙂

An International Flavor

For the room render below, I chose clean white walls, LED strip lighting on the stepped grey ceiling, and polished black granite floors.

3D render of a contemporary room by Beverly Claire Kaiya

My 3D render of a contemporary room with a mix of global furnishings.

See that gorgeous gold cabinet? It’s the Origami by reflex Angelo, Italian designers of fine furniture. I wasn’t able to replicate the brushed metallic sheen of the surface. The cabinet in real life is perfectly golden. Architonic has a slide show with the different available surfaces. Aren’t they a beauty?

The black stand lamp is French, and the prints on the wall are Japanese. Yes, the latter are photos of dishes I have at home. They are handmade, traditional dinnerware by Japanese craftsmen. I photographed them on our dining table then converted the photos to black and white and added a touch of coffee tint. I think they look amazing all blown up on a white wall 😉

The wall, by the way, is my 3D approximation of Super White by Benjamin Moore. I love the ultra sparkling clean feel of this paint 🙂

Below, I took out the Origami cabinet, removed floor reflectivity, and featured the dinnerware one by one (well, pair by pair). I mucked up the lighting for this render: please forgive.

For the sofa I chose the one-arm version of the Portion sofa by naughtone of Britain. I like the low seat height as well as the combination of matte grey legs with a beige, buttoned seat and scooped back. It’s a classic sofa system that’s as comfortable as it is good looking.

Accessories for the Contemporary Home

I thought the Asterisk Clock by George Nelson for Vitra would be just right for a room like the render above.

Asterisk Clock by George Nelson

Designed by George Nelson in 1948, the clock features black lacquered wood and chunky, angular hands. So easy to tell the time! It’s a classic in mid-century furnishing and part of the Vitra Design Museum Collection.

Another origami-inspired design is the Etch Pendant by Tom Dixon. The intricate patterns are etched into brass metal sheets using precision manufacturing.

Etch Pendant by Tom Dixon

Here’s the silvery variation, made of polished stainless steel: Etch Web Pendant by Tom Dixon.

Etch Web Pendant by Tom Dixon

The Metallic Lace Table Runner by Chilewich makes for one shimmering tablescape, and complements the textures of dark tableware like the ones I photographed from my kitchen above.

Metallic Lace Table Runner by Chilewich

These home accessories are available at They have a clearance sale where you can save up to 75% on select lighting, fans, gifts & accessories. So fun to look at the hot deals!

And finally, below are simple throw pillows I designed, inspired by the patterns created by folds in an origami object.

Origami-inspired pillow designs in black, white, grey and saffron yellow by Beverly Claire Interiors

My origami-inspired pillow designs in black, white, grey and saffron yellow. Top | Bottom: Left, Middle, Right

The colors are saffron yellow, white, dark grey and black. Change the sample initials with your own, for a truly unique home accessory. The pillows may be purchased here.

I hope you enjoyed this post on black and white rooms with gold, metallic and wooden accents. What’s your contemporary design object-of-lust at the moment? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Vitra Wall Clocks by George Nelson – a nice gallery of his clock designs.
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Origami Blog – for all origami and interior+architecture lovers out there, here’s a blog that catalogs how the two go so well together. I’m digging the magnetic curtains they featured early this year.

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