Beautiful Orange Roses to Brighten Up Your Day

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What’s your favorite rose variety? Or to be less specific, your favorite rose color?

I’m a huge fan of orange hybrid tea roses. My husband knows that when he needs to apologize big time, a bouquet of orange roses makes forgiveness come much easier 🙂

Orange roses, given their somewhat unusual coloring, make a big visual impact, as can be seen in the table setting below.

Orange roses centerpiece by Lily Lodge, a florist in Los Angeles, California.

Orange roses centerpiece by Lily Lodge, a florist in Los Angeles, California.

What a lovely way to add elegance to an outdoor lunch! Orange roses also look amazing in formal settings, like this gorgeous purple-and-orange themed vineyard wedding:

Purple and orange table setting designed by Elizabeth Anne Designs

Purple and orange table setting designed by Elizabeth Anne Designs

I love the combination of oranges and purples! The many weddings I have attended mostly run on the sweet pink or peach (or other pastels) train, but the wedding images in this Oregon vineyard wedding really caught my eye. I’m fairly certain it was very memorable for the guests as well!

Orange rose centerpiece and bouquet by Global Rose

Orange rose centerpiece and bouquet by Global Rose

Orange roses make a great statement, that wonderful combination of classical grace and elegance with vivacity and cheer.

Pretty Orange Rose Accessories

Here are some finds with orange rose motifs. I want them all! 🙂

These accessories are perfect for the times when you want to make an orange rose statement without the fresh flowers at hand.

Oranges Roses Stationery Set

I love orange roses so much I decided to make a customizable set of home and office goods with an orange rose design. I took the rose photo at the Ofuna Botanical Garden in Kamakura, Japan. My husband and I very much enjoyed the sweet fragrance of the roses there, so I hope to share that with you through these personalized gift items.

First is a letterhead, where you can add your initials on the hearts:

I also made a rose silhouette version; you can add your full name next to it, like a signature.

There are also two-hearts stationery and rose silhouette stationery. Of course, we have envelopes to match.

One of the nice things about made-to-order envelopes is that you can have your name and return address printed at the back. Very convenient!

I also made an invitation with matching envelopes.

A stationery set wouldn’t be complete without matching postage stamp and stickers:

Orange Roses for the Home

It would be simply marvelous to have a vase of fresh orange roses everyday. Wouldn’t it be heavenly to wake up to their gorgeous beauty and sweet fragrance?

For those of us that can’t have as much of orange roses as we want, here are some nifty solutions:

An orange rose clock to brighten up your mood every minute of the day!

And pillows to help us sleep among the fragrant roses (no thorns!)

An iPad mini case cheers us up during a dreary office lunch break.

Check out other personalized products with this design here.

Orange Roses Everyday

I hope you enjoyed this article on orange roses. Unique and sunny, this beautiful flower can add a bit of gorgeous and fragrance to our daily lives. Let me know in the comments section if you’re also a fan!

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