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These egg-shaped, Art Deco-style bookshelves are beautiful. I found the photos below, and I loved the egg-like shape so much I created a 3D model of one 🙂

Egg-shaped, Art Deco bookshelves.

Egg-shaped, Art Deco bookshelves. From left to right: Bookshelf from, and See Source links below for details.

3D Visualization

For our shelf model, my material of choice is burl amboyna veneer.

The Art Deco bookshelf, all by itself.

The Art Deco bookshelf, all by itself.

I lessened the glossiness of the model, but I believe most of these in production would have a truly glossy finish. I created a simple room for the bookshelf to show itself off:

The Art Deco bookshelf in context.

The Art Deco bookshelf in context.

The framed black-and-white photos of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty I took in New York during a visit there last year. I modeled the uplighter based on a design by Eugene Printz.

Here is another Art Deco-style room I created with the bookshelf on display.

The fireplace in an Art Deco-style room

The bookshelf in an Art Deco-style room

Get the Look

I selected a few bookshelves with a very unique look. They are not your typical square or rectangular bookshelf; in fact, their curves will add pizzas to any room.

Coaster Square Tiered Bookcase in Cappuccino

The Coaster Square Tiered Bookcase in Cappuccino has just the right combination of curves and straight lines. I love the tower-like shape.

Authentic Models Bosuns Gig Bookcase

For a really unique shelf, the Authentic Models Bosun’s Gig Bookcase is a great choice. I could imagine this fitting not just in a nautically-themed room, but also any space with plain walls and wooden flooring.

High Bentwood Curio Display Units by Oriental Unlimited

Finally, the Oriental Unlimited High Bentwood Curio Display Units have, literally, that little twist that makes a piece unique.

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Related Links

External Links to Sources – source of the bookcase in blond walnut photo.
Feel the 20ies – source of the dark brown (mahogany?) bookcase photo.
ICT Antiques Art Deco Furniture – source of pair of bookcases in what looks like rosewood.

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  1. kriss says:

    ohhhh, i do like the egg-like shape myself. would have wanted you to make it rosewood, to match the desk.

    • Yes, indeed, using rosewood here would make it pair nicely with the desk. I’ll try to redo the model, this time with rosewood veneer, filleted edges and a double base! I learned that taking shortcuts don’t work (at least, not in this particular case).

  2. Here’s a comment from Google Plus:

    In 5 Jan 2012 Stefan wrote:

    “Very nicely done and excellent rendering! You should also consider to post your beautiful works at the Shade 3D Facebook group, so that more people can enjoy your work.”


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