An Ode to Elaborately Gorgeous Drapery

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One of my favorite books is The Curtain Book : A Sourcebook for Distinctive Curtains, Drapes, and Shades for Your Home by Caroline Clifton-Mogg and Melanie Paine.

The Curtain BookIt covers every kind of window treatment from minimalist to ornate, with plenty of beautiful color photographs, sketches and curtain-making tips. But it’s not just a how-to or inspirational book; it also contains historical perspectives and sound advice on selecting a style for every room in the house.

I’m an unrepentant fan of gorgeous, elaborate window treatments. The more intricate and luxurious the more inspiring!

In this article we’ll take a look at some exquisite window treatments, then view some home and office accessories I designed to let us enjoy the luxury of gorgeous drapery wherever we are.

Window Treatment Role Models

Here are some stunning rooms with resplendent drapery. They would be right at home in The Curtain Book.

A home in Texas

A living room in Texas. Architecture by Ike Kligerman Barkley, interior design by Michael J. Siller. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

This Georgian house in Texas has a living room with formal window treatment: a valance with swags and tails are used to make a focal point at what looks to be plain windows that lack any special architectural interest. How transformative! The fringe edging provides contrasting texture.

A room designed by Samuel Botero

A room designed by Samuel Botero. Photo courtesy of

Sumptuous fabric in a silvery blue-gray with gold patterns match the walls in this impressive window treatment. Ropes and tassels decorate the deep swags. The drapery is dazzling but does not impose itself too much, creating the perfect complement to the richly gilded Empire desk and chair as well as the ornate Moroccan-inspired cabinet with opulent marquetry.

Dining room of Hollywood director George Cukor.

Dining room of Hollywood director George Cukor. Interior design by William Haines. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Appropriately theatrical, this dramatic dining room combines Neoclassical architectural details with Victorian furnishings. The rich velvet drapes add flamboyance to the space, their soft folds balancing out the geometric parquetry on the floor. I love how the window treatment is used to feature instead of overwhelm the lovely Palladian window.

Gorgeous Drapes Everyday, Everywhere

After ogling (and salivating over!?!) these rooms I am in a total luxurious drapery mood! Here are some designs I put together for everyday objects and gift items, just so we can all carry around resplendent drapes wherever we go 🙂

The first design is in radiant red: classical arch and columns decorated with dramatic drapes in vivid red and gold. Bring some elegant, old-fashioned charm to your day. Makes the perfect gift for your friend or family that appreciates romantic, classical motifs. They also make wonderful wedding anniversary gifts. Click on the image to view more details.

A stylized pomegranate, the apple of love during medieval times, is placed in front of the stairs. Enjoy the rich textures and deep colors of this dramatic red and gold design.

Customize the bejeweled ruby pomegranate with your name and initial.

Add your favorite quotable quote, or make one up yourself!

The next design is similar to the red drapes one but with violet drapes and amethyst pomegranate. Instead of Doric columns this one has Corinthian-inspired ones.

For dramatic effect mysterious indigo mist is coming out of the doorway 🙂

The rich violet color of the drapes is so royal in feel!

I think they make fantastic engagement and wedding anniversary gifts.

Friends or family members with impeccable taste will appreciate these items as housewarming gifts.

Luxurious Drapes at Your Fingertips

I hope you enjoyed today’s gorgeous drapes article. Click here to view other home accessories and personal effects containing these designs.

May your window treatment dreams come true!

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    beautiful, gorgeous designs! love love all the purple ones, want them all for myself 😉

  2. slf says:

    When I see lotsa drapes I think of how difficult they’d be to wash. 😀

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