Tokyo Rainbow Bridge as an Art Object

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Today let’s talk about bridges.

Good bridges not just provide for transportation, they also add to the landscape. I enjoy photographing bridges, especially when they are all decked out in celebration of a special occasion.

One of the most beloved bridges in Tokyo is the Rainbow Bridge. After the Summer 2020 Olympics was awarded to Tokyo the city lighted up its giant structures with the colors of the Olympic rings.

I thought I’d put the photos I showed on my travel blog in frames and render them in a virtual room.

Views of Rainbow Bridge by Beverly Claire Interiors

Views of Rainbow Bridge on a purple wall. Left photo | Right photo

Walls in saturated hues make such an impact, in a good way. One would think brightly painted walls would distract from the pictures but in the right shade they actually do enhance them. The best example would be the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. A bold renovation came up with colored walls that made the paintings pop. Granted, the tones were muted, but still a big difference from the usual white space. Inspired by this fearless move I conjured up some purple walls (above) 🙂

Psychedelic Tokyo Rainbow Bridge by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Tokyo Rainbow Bridge with a psychedelic look

Academic and Impressionist paintings look their best on colored walls. 20th century and later images, however, still work well with plain white. Thus the sparkling white wall above.

Tokyo Rainbow Bridge by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Tokyo Rainbow Bridge, uncommon views. Left photo | Right photo

I simply had to feature (again) the Egg Chair by Fritz Hansen. This amazing classic designed by the venerable Arne Jacobsen is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat on. It’s such a beauty, too, and I never tire of putting it in my virtual room renderings.

Painting Bridges

Speaking of bridges in general, here’s a framed watercolor I painted of a brick bridge in Annaka, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. It’s a small bridge compared to the Rainbow Bridge, as it spans a lake instead of an entire bay, but I instantly loved its brick-covered charm.

"Bridge of Dreams", watercolor (art print) by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Bridge of Dreams, watercolor (art print) by Beverly Claire Kaiya

The above is a print, with a Deep Walnut with Gold frame, Pompano Beach top mat and Green Grass bottom mat. The original is 22cm x 27.5cm, Plein air watercolor on Cotman 270g/m2 cold-press watercolor paper.

"Bridge of Dreams" watercolor framed print with green Citta sofa, by Beverly Claire Interiors

Bridge of Dreams, watercolor art print with green Citta sofa

Shown with the painting is the refined Ligne Roset Citta sofa, designed by Didier Gomez. I like the settee’s sleek simplicity. A contemporary take on 1930s urban style, it easily fits 21st century aesthetic.

More Bridge Paintings

Let me introduce two other bridge paintings.

"Manhattan Bridge" oil on canvas by David Hoffman

Manhattan Bridge, oil on canvas by David Hoffman

David Hoffman painted this view of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn. I like the figures relaxing in the park next to the bridge.

"Bridge at Depoe Bay", acrylic by Jean W. Thomas

Bridge at Depoe Bay, acrylic by Jean W. Thomas

Jean W. Thomas painted this bridge in Lincoln County, Oregon. I love the harmonious mix of colors depicting this coastal landmark.

Bridges for Your Wall

Bridges are not just practical, taking us from across a lake or bay, but are also highly symbolic. Some of us aspire to be a bridge between different cultures or countries. Some of us are looking for ways to bridge our idealistic dreams with harsh reality. Bridges offer a connection between two disparate entities, and that is why, I think, there is usually a hopeful, positive connotation to them.

I hope you enjoyed this post on bridges! Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love to hear of your favorite bridge photos or artwork.

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