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It’s no secret how I love libraries. I looooooove libraries, so to speak πŸ™‚ Going to the House of Knowledge was a habit I developed as a young girl, and I feel I will be going to libraries until the day I die.

If you had a new home with a library that can be anything, what would it look like?

Mine would be green. I don’t know why, and it has nothing to do with Pantone declaring Emerald Green as the color of 2013. I’ve always liked green. There is something fresh and comforting and relaxing about this hue.

Speaking of relaxing, what could be more relaxing than a library? A green one!

Green, Green, Green

Before we go on to libraries, let’s have a look at some precious green finds:

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Now on to libraries!

Green Libraries to Love

Frogmore House in Windsor, England has a green room called the Queen’s Library.

Queen's Library, Frogmore House, Windsor, England. Painting by Charles Wild.

The Queen’s Library inside the Frogmore House in Windsor, England. Painting by Charles Wild, 1817. Watercolor and bodycolor over pencil.

If this isn’t the mother of all green-hued libraries then I don’t know what is. So much green to love, from the ornate window treatment to the molding, trim, upholstery and carpeting. I would not touch a thing in this room.

A green library-inspired dining room is up next.

Dining room designed by Timothy Corrigan

Dining room designed by Timothy Corrigan. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Gold teapaper on the ceiling and stunning green silk panels on the wall make this Los Angeles dining room a glamorous one. I love everything about this room, from the S-scroll table to the ornate baroque mirrors and most especially the bookshelves with their Romanesque arches.

A home library in Toronto designed by Thierry Despont

A home library in Toronto. Architecture by Thierry Despont, interior decoration by Vincent Fourcade. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Finally, this amazing, perfectly proportioned home library in a Georgian Revival house in Toronto is the stuff that bibliophiles’ dreams are made of. The baronial domed hall rises to a height of 26 feet (7.9 meters). Richly colored Oriental carpets cover elegant parquet flooring. Lovely, moss green, damask swag-and-tail drapes and moire shades make up the equally elegant window treatments. The super comfy chairs have light green floral slipcovers. I adore the green tones! The description says “the second-floor gallery, about 12 feet up, is accessed by a secret stairway hidden in one of the bookcases.” Wow! I could totally live in this room!

Color My Library Green

After ooohing-and-aaaahing over these dreamy spaces I just had to have a green library design in my gift shop. So here are some green designs that I put together because, well, I can’t have enough of libraries and the color green. Click on each image to see more details.

A beautiful, classical library with leather-bound old books framed by gorgeous moss green drapes.

Stylized Corinthian columns flank the entrance.

Customize the bejeweled emerald pomegranate with your name or initials.

Add your favorite quotable quote, or make one up yourself.

Bring some elegant, old-fashioned charm to your day. It’s the perfect gift for your friend or family member who loves books, libraries and classical motifs. A wonderful tribute to all bibliophiles or book lovers out there! Click here for more gift items with this library design.

Green Library for Peace of Mind

I hope you enjoyed this article touching on libraries. I love electronic books and PDFs, but nothing compares to the feel of a bound and printed book. Rows and rows of them.

Happy reading, everyone!

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  1. slf says:

    I love green too but all places I’ve seen that use it as a paint color look ugly and industrial (hospitals, ugh). I don’t know if it’s the shade (mint green walls yuck) or because there’s just too much of it but it’s a pity.

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