The Beauty of Amber at Your Fingertips

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When I was a kid I saw this article on amber in a National Geographic magazine. There were two images burned in my mind: that of the indescribable beauty of the resin’s color, and that of the insect trapped inside the resin. Many decades later I still remember those photographs.

There is something both mysterious and seductive about amber. Only Mother Nature can come up with such a clear and fascinating color. And we try to capture that elusive hue to the best of our abilities. Here is my attempt!

In this article we’ll look at some rooms and furnishings that bring amber to mind, and then some top picks for surrounding ourselves with this warm and endlessly fascinating color.

Nature’s Gift

Amber comes in different shades, but the most popular seems to be honey or cognac amber. The wonderful thing about wearing amber jewelry is the feeling of having a “Window to the Past”, since this gemstone is a time capsule of organic materials compressed millions of years ago.

Selected honey amber jewelry

I’m enjoying the Sterling Silver Amber Sun Drop Jewelry Set Earrings and Necklace Chain (top left), Sterling Silver Honey Amber Square Ring (top right), Chuvora Sterling Silver Round Certified Genuine Honey Amber Stylish Band Ring for Women (bottom left), and Bling Jewelry Honey Amber Sunburst Pendant Gemstone in Sterling Silver (bottom right). The beautiful honey colors remind me of golden sunsets on the beach.

Relaxing at the Bar

The warmth of amber tones can be felt at the quintessential martini bar of The Cruise Room in downtown Denver, Colorado.

The Cruise Room bar in Denver

The Cruise Room bar in Denver. Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post.

It opened in the early 1930’s as the city’s first bar. The original Art Deco look was fashioned after one of the lounges on the Queen Mary. I love the chrome fittings and honey colors of this space.

Amber Shades for the Home

I’ve written before about Art Deco-inspired accent tables, beds, fireplaces, bookshelves and chairs, many of which have golden veneers reminiscent of amber.

Here are other beautiful Art Deco home furnishings and office items that have characteristic geometric marquetry and exude the warmth of wood and amber.

Art Deco pedestal dining table with marquetry

Art Deco pedestal dining table with marquetry. Courtesy of Sultane Antiques.

A happy find on Ebay, this beautiful, Biedermeier-inspired pedestal dining table has star-shaped marquetry. It is veneered in rosewood, French elm and olive wood.

Custom Art Deco screen by Deco-Dence Art Deco

A gorgeous custom Art Deco screen by Deco-Dence Art Deco. Photo courtesy of the shop.

This six panel folding screen by Deco-Dence Art Deco in Dallas, Texas is nothing short of spectacular. Completely handmade, hand-painted in oil and hand-finished, it combines the geometric look of machine Art Deco with gorgeous wood tones typical of French high Art Deco.

Waterman Carene: Laque Amber GT Fountain-Pen, Gold Trim, Solid Gold 18KT Stub Nib

I’m totally loving the Waterman Carene Laque Amber GT Fountain Pen with its rich amber color and exquisite tortoiseshell-like pattern. The sleek gold trim and solid gold 18kt stub nib makes this pen the perfect promotion or anniversary gift.

Inspired by Amber

Here are some customizable gifts combining amber hues with brown, orange and yellow. I put together this design thanks to plenty of inspiration from the luxurious Art Deco furnishings like the ones shown above. Personalize these items with your name or initials for a unique gift to yourself or for someone you care about.

Accent your home with this custom pillow. Made of 100% grade A cotton, these soft pillows look great with your initials. You can also add a message at the back (The sample says “Best Friend”). Machine-washable and made in the USA. Choose between two styles: square (as pictured) or lumbar.

This 3-Ring binder will look lovely in a traditional home office. I think the amber theme looks great for a New House commemorative binder: the one where you organize all the papers related to building your home. It includes full-bleed, photo-quality printing on the front, back and spine. There are two different ring types to choose from: holds 500 pages with EZ-Turn™ Rings or 540 pages with 1 Touch™ EZD™ Rings. Designed for 8.5″ x 11″ sized paper.

This ultra-thin RAZR case covers the back and corners of your phone with an impact resistant plastic shell, while still providing access to all ports and buttons. Designed for the Motorola Droid RAZR, this sleek and lightweight case is the perfect way to show off your custom style.

Upgrade your daily commute with a customized Rickshaw laptop bag! Made in San Francisco with a focus on sustainability and durability, this laptop bag stands up to daily wear ‘n tear and stand out with your monogrammed initials on the front flap. Made with a pocket or compartment for everything from a 15” laptop to a journal, this laptop bag will make it easy to take it all with you each day.

Stand out in the baggage carousel with a custom amber luggage tag! No larger than a business card and constructed of 100% acrylic, this luggage tag is printed in vibrant clarity and brilliant colors. Customize with your personal information on each side and escape bag mix ups for years to come.

More Amber-Hued Gifts

I hope you enjoyed these picks. Click here for more customizable amber-inspired gift items, from iPad folio cases to playing cards to dinner plates.

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