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I never considered myself as someone who could get into steampunk. You know, that genre where it’s all vintage machinery and gadgets and contraptions and futuristic whatnots. But after watching the brilliant movie Hugo I had to admit that Victorian machines are in themselves quite fascinating.

Movie poster for the movie "Hugo"

A poster for the movie “Hugo”

One of the many fascinating aspects of this visually stunning movie was Hugo’s father being a clockmaker. Clocks are totally fascinating. I like watches where you can see the little tiny gears at work. There were lots of scenes in the film with gears large and small at work. Utterly fascinating!

Screencap from the movie "Hugo" showing the main character doing his job of winding the train station clocks

Screencap from the movie “Hugo” showing the main character doing his job of winding the train station clocks

Wait, I just wrote “fascinating” four times in a row. Ugh. But that’s the one word I can come up with to describe the movie’s playground. I’m pretty sure machine rooms and overcrowded toy stores are hot, stuffy and terrible in real life, but the film makes ’em look so fascinating captivating (Sorry!).

Steampunk Interiors

They’re not just for movie sets, either. Here are some intriguing steampunk-themed rooms.

Steampunk office? Not just for clockmakers! This room will surely inspire you to come up with some neat inventions. I like the combination of warm wood and metals in this room.

Steampunk bath? Will help the gears in your brain relax! The marble and copper-plated sink makes the perfect match for the black walls.

A clean and modern take, with metallic ceiling panels and furnishings. Grunge-y distressed walls complete the look.

Adding a taste of steampunk with a relevant print or poster on the wall is a practical and simple way to get a machine fix without going all out making a major investment.

Industrial elements have always had a following in home decor since the dawn of the Industrial Age. Along with the woodsy types and the neoclassical aficionados (ahem, me among them), there will always be fans of this technology-in-the-19th-century style.

Inspired by the Clock Tower

Steampunk blends elements of the steam-powered Victorian era and science fiction. It’s a romanticized period for sure, but hey, what era isn’t?

I loved the clocks and gears in the Hugo film so much that I added some clock-and-gear-themed products to my store.

This fascinating golden clock with Roman numerals and exposed gears will add jazz to any room. Customize with your name and initial for an item that is uniquely yours. Makes the perfect gift for the friend or family with a new bachelor pad or house.

More Steampunk

Here are some of my favorite steampunk designs, ready for customization.

Automaton #1 commuter bags
Automaton #1 commuter bags by poppycock_cheapskate
See other Steampunk Messenger Bags at zazzle

Machines Make Me Happy

I hope you enjoyed this post on steampunk decor and accessories. Steam on!

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