Spring’s Invigorating Palette

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I love spring! Who doesn’t? It’s when so many flowers bloom, their burst of radiant colors brightening up the mood of everything from the outdoors to interior spaces.

Colorful spring flowers

In today’s article we’ll take a look at some vivacious rooms bursting with color. Then we’ll check out some vividly eye-catching home accessories as well as customizable gifts that celebrate this beautiful season.

Color Me Bold

One of the marks of a good designer is an eye for color. The following designers have several pairs of great eyes, plus great taste.

Living room in NYC designed by Peter Marino

Living room in NYC designed by Peter Marino. Courtesy of Architectural Digest.

What bold combinations! I love how the patterns and colors animate this NYC apartment. Bright yellow brocatelle walls and geometric curtains make the perfect backdrop for the contemporary art and photograph. The mix of furniture is so stylish: from the neoclassical bench and armchair, to the metallic contemporary coffee table, to the Japanese red lacquer side tables, and the Victorian-ish sofas in lovely green velvet. Peter Marino rocks!

Vibrant rooms

(Right) Living room designed by Mario Buatta. Courtesy of Architectural Digest. (Left) Entrance designed by Thomas Britt. Courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Mario Buatta, the venerable Prince of Chintz, designed this bright and cheerful Georgian-style living room (above left). I adore the lemon yellow walls! Above right is the entrance to a Connecticut residence decorated by Thomas Britt. The Tibetan pedestal table and trunk along with red leather upholstered chairs and vivid blue matting for the framed prints make this entrance a happy, inviting space.

Being unafraid to use bold hues is a mark of confidence, me thinks. It’s easy to go all-neutral, or matchy-matchy. But those who can confidently (and successfully!) mix and match brilliant hues and patterns are, I believe, the truly creative and talented ones.

Vibrant Home Accessories

If the above rooms don’t inspire us to literally add more color into our lives, then I don’t know what will! Have you been inspired?

I have, so here are my picks of home accessories in vivid colors.

A selection of vibrant home accessories

Armchair / Art Poster Print / Storage Bench / Sisal rug / Decorative vintage glass bottles: Cobalt / Chartreuse Green / Red

Those of us who are unable to paint or cover our walls with vibrant hues can, instead, add these colorful furnishings and accessories. How blessed we are to get to choose from all colors of the rainbow!

More colorful home accessories to love:

Stephanie Corfee Young Bohemian Throw Pillow

Stephanie Corfee Young Bohemian Throw Pillow

Iveta Abolina Coral Throw Pillow

Iveta Abolina Coral Throw Pillow

Irena Orlov Lady In Red 1 Fleece Throw Blanket

Irena Orlov Lady In Red 1 Fleece Throw Blanket

Land of Lulu Herd of Balloons 2 Fleece Throw Blanket

Land of Lulu Herd of Balloons 2 Fleece Throw Blanket

These designs make me want to wear a floral print dress and dance around the tulips in the park πŸ™‚

Vibrant Customizable Gifts

And finally, for those who’d prefer to keep things as they are in the home but do want one small item to celebrate the beautiful season, here are some customizable gifts in floral themes and bright colors. Today I’m featuring cheerful, colorful daisies in vibrant hues of pink, yellow and blue. Let the vivid colors brighten your mood or that of a friend or family member. Customize with your name and initial.

Great for a day hike or as fun alternative to the standard purse, the Mini Zero Messenger Bag is the perfect addition to your daily routine. This bag features two interior compartments for your personal effects and fine exterior printing of your name and initial. Carefully constructed with a focus on environmental sustainability, this bag combines form, function, and a small ecological footprint.

Protect your iPhone 5 with a customizable iPhone 5 case. Made of lightweight hard shell plastic, this case protects the back and sides of your iPhone 5 without adding bulk. Made with a gloss finish, your name and initial will look great displayed on this one of a kind case.

Create a custom mousepad for home and office! Decorate your desk with these vivid daisies and your name and initial, while protecting your mouse from scratches and debris.

Protect your laptop with a custom laptop sleeve. Made with 100% neoprene, these lightweight and water resistant sleeves are great for travel or just day-to-day use.

Click here to check out more items with floral designs.

Embracing Spring

I hope you enjoyed today’s article, if only for the burst of colors πŸ™‚ May your day be filled with fresh flowers and brilliant hues!

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