Orchid, Tan, Champagne Beige and Purple Stripes with Tiny Hearts

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Today’s design is a medley of stripes in orchid and purple hues.

They are complemented by two tones of beige: a tan, darker-toned champagne beige and a lighter-toned beige, white swan.

Little hearts are scattered here and there. They look cute on this fashionable and personalized wristlet. The clutch has a satin fabric exterior, and is perfect for credit cards, cash, make-up and mobile phones.

Customize with your names or other text. I used “mylene” as a placeholder name. Many years ago, back when I was in college, I had a friend named Mylene. She was slim and very pretty. And smart. She’d actually won a beauty pageant. Wish I was there to see her in her fine regalia. I’m certain she was a vision that night.

This little-hearts-and-stripes design is actually a derivative of the heart-in-heart design I was making. I wanted a striped background to use for the back portion of the frame, and came out with this look. On a whim I put the back out front and tested it on one product. To my surprise, it sold! So I put the design on 80 other gift items.

There must be something timeless and classic about stripes and hearts.

I think they make wonderful wedding favors, like the flask and candy tin shown above. The hearts are sweet, but are balanced by the plain stripes. And the color palette doesn’t scream “Valentine!” so it’s fine for everyday use.

The idea of having one’s name written on a lamp is too cute!

I’m loving the May28th watch. You can mix and match the colors of the bands and keeper. 14 colors to choose from.

Wrap up your gift in a personalized matching wrapper…

Include a customized greeting card…

Add a unique postage stamp and voila! The perfect gift.

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