Mother Earth in Earthy Tones and Animal Patterns

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I previously wrote about a hot pink-and-black abstract vector artwork. I used the same drawing but added different patterns to come up with a variation, a Mother Earth design.

Mother Earth, a vector artwork by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Mother Earth, a vector artwork by Beverly Claire Kaiya

It can be seen in the 3D visualization scene above as a framed poster.

Speaking of Mother Earth. One of the reasons I decided to build my gift shops on a POD (print-on-demand) platform is that I see it as a great way to save on resources. It makes a lot more sense to make something only after it has been ordered, instead of producing tons of products to line up shelves. I don’t want to have an entire inventory of goods. The unsold items, the ones that go “out of season” or “out of fashion” will be recycled at best or worse, simply disposed off as trash. The POD business model not only lets me customize or personalize a design before buying it, it also gives me some peace of mind knowing that I’m not guilty of mass producing goods wherein half will end up unsold and eventually, as landfill.

There are, of course, drawbacks to the POD business model, as critiques of “mass customization” will readily point out. Still, for me it’s the better option to having boxes of unsold inventory.

Having said that, let’s go back to the design! My abstract illustration of Mother Earth, shown below as a postcard (Note: the actual printed postcard doesn’t have a watermark).

Mother Earth postcard by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Her long hair is filled with animal patterns: tiger, peacock, turtle, alligator, cheetah. Her flowing garments are filled with floral and geometric stylized patterns. In the background is a stylized yellow daffodil pattern. The color palette consists of earth tones: browns, yellows, greens and blues. Mother Earth carries a sad expression on her face. Why so is open to interpretation.

I like the design on a round clock, like this:

Mother Earth Abstract Illustration Animal Patterns Clock by Beverly Claire Kaiya

My favorite is the messenger bag:

Mother Earth Messenger Bag by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Here is a Pinterest-ready collage of products with the design:

Mother Earth vector art on gift items, designed by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Clockwise from top left: Card | Envelope | T-Shirt |
Necklace | iPad Dodo Case | iPod Cover

Click here to view all other products carrying this piece.

Mother Earth framed poster art by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Mother Earth framed poster art by Beverly Claire Kaiya

As I mentioned earlier, one of the nicest things about my print-on-demand gift shops is that you are given free reign to customize any way you want. So add your initials, names or favorite quotes to the designs. It’s a great way to make an artwork yours and only yours!

I hope you enjoyed this article on my latest piece. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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