Monogrammed Chevron in Pink, Green and Orange

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Today’s featured design is a Spring-inspired chevron in tones of orange, pink and green.

It has an orange circle in the center, with white stitch pattern.

Customize with your name and initial.

A wonderful gift that will brighten up any person’s day.

You can change the font color and type of the center initial, as shown above in light pink. I think pistachio green, white and light orange would work just as well.

Speaking of Spring, I think I’m ready for a new mousepad, like the one shown above. In Japan, Spring is the start of the school year as well as fiscal year, so it’s got the same “New Beginning” meaning as the Western January 1st New Year.

Some kids look forward to the start of the school year mainly because it means new stationery and clothes. Both kids’ (and adults’) lunches look better when carried in a custom printed yubo lunch box, shown above. Made for utility and fun, this lunch box features a detachable handle for vertical or horizontal carrying, six fun colors, and easy access front and back lids – all BPA-free and 100% dishwasher safe. yubo’s unique concept of design, cleanliness, and customization sets a new standard for personal expression at the school lunch table.

The color palette goes well with the coming of Spring, but also just plain pretty year round.

Yes, all year round, including summer!

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