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This is a 20″ x 13″ (overall 28″ x 21.5″) framed print of a hawk flapping its wings over a park in Yokosuka, a city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The image has a texture overlay of blue film liquid.

A hawk flapping its wings

It is printed in fine art Watercolor Paper, a neutral-toned, acid-free paper made from 100% cotton rag. The textured finish and satisfying weight of this high-grade paper adds an interesting natural texture to the photo. Collectors who like to handle the print out of frame will love this paper’s rigidity and surface feel.

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About the Frame

The print is beautifully set in a medium walnut frame with natural liner. There is a 2″ mat of French Blue surrounding the photo.

FRC13 - Framer's Choice - Medium Walnut with Natural Liner

This gorgeous frame is finished with premium clear acrylic with foamcore backing. It is beautifully crafted, sturdy and comes ready to hang.

Full Resolution Preview

You can find the full resolution preview of the print here. Just click on a part of the photo and a detailed preview will appear.

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3D Visualization

Here, the framed print of is grouped with other related prints.

The photo as part of a framed set of scenes from Yokosuka.

The photo as part of a framed set of scenes from Yokosuka.

Above is my 3D visualization of a living room where the photo would fit in perfectly. The room is in warm brown tones with blue accents. “Nature” is the theme: the rug depicting branches of a tree represents flora, the blue accent chair a river, the horse sculpture land animals, the antique bronze coffee table the treasures found beneath the earth. The sofa upholstered in a camel toned fabric with two types of weave represents land mass.

On the walls are photos that are exquisitely framed to fit the room: a small island, a view of a boat from afar on a calm sea, a hawk soaring above trees , and this print of a hawk flapping its wings.

Cost Breakdown

Here is the cost breakdown.

Cost breakdown of this framed print

Please note that the total price indicated above does not include shipping cost.

Shipping Cost and Delivery

Framed prints require 2 to 3 days to print, dry, and assemble, regardless of the selected shipping method.

All products ship from High Point, North Carolina (United States). International orders may take up to 10 days to arrive due to FedEx / UPS delivery times.

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Would you like a different configuration for this photo? Click here to select your preferred size, type of frame, mat, paper and finish. This photo is also available as a metal print, acrylic print, canvas print, greeting card, and standard print.

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