Glossy Candy Red Orange Hearts with Flourish and Stripes

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Glossy, glass-like, candy red orange hearts spill out from an abstract background of flourishes in cream, yellow and bright orange.

The hearts have a glassy, shiny look yet they seem good enough to eat!

This design has matching stripes in various shades of orange and yellow plus a red ribbon for writing your names or initials.

I like the red, orange and yellow color combination. The neighboring hues in the color wheel sometimes don’t look good when put next to each other, but I think it works for this design.

Customize with your text for a personalized gift.

Less than two weeks till Valentine’s Day! The 14th doesn’t even have to be about lovers and sweethearts. I like the idea of throwing “Love”-themed parties, without the romantic connotations; there’s also platonic and filial love to celebrate 🙂

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