Cute Herringbone Owl in Trendy Orchid with Purple Chevron Moon

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Today’s featured design is a cute owl on a branch, in trendy tones of purple, orchid, champagne beige, white swan and slate grey.

I had fun picking out the color palette for this little creature!

Enjoy the herringbone patterns on this design.

Customize the matching moon with your names, initials, or owl-y quotes like “You are a HOOT”, “WHOO loves you? I do!” and “I will OWLways love you”.

An adorable, personalized gift that will brighten up any person’s day.

I love the address labels customizable with your own info and favorite design. These Avery Print-to-the-Edge shipping labels are inkjet printer compatible. They’re also writable with permanent markers. Below is how one sheet looks like:

Owls have lent themselves as trendy creatures in all kinds of surface designs. I guess they’ll always be conceived as adorable, intelligent creatures, with cute round bodies to match!

Customize your very own clipboard for your office, home or school. This high quality acrylic clipboard is made to hold your letter and A4 documents securely with a strong low profile clip and rubber grips.

While tallying up scores or listing down chores enjoy this Jelly Belly Giant Snip Snap tin. The tin makes a snip-snap sound when opened or closed so you know your candy will stay fresh. From weddings to holidays, you’ll add flair to your celebration with both style and sound.

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