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Happy Valentine’s Day! How are you celebrating?

I consider myself lucky that my husband doesn’t care for Valentine’s Day. In Japan I, the woman, would have to be the one giving my guy the pretty chocolates and making dinner reservations, etc.

When we were dating I made the effort to make Valentine’s Day a big event for us, but now that we’re comfortable in our marriage we decided to make it a non-event. My husband doesn’t even like chocolate! He dislikes fancy dinners in stuffy restaurants!

Despite me having lived in Japan for a very long time (and being a Japanese citizen) I still feel that I should be the one on the receiving end of this chocolate thing. I mean, I’m a certified chocoholic! I love chocolate! 😀

Well, anyway. I went ahead and bought myself some chocolates. Yep, chocolates, plural! I’ll eat them myself since hubby won’t touch them. But I did buy his favorite cake as well. He’ll have that with his favorite English tea after dinner tonight while I eat my chocolates.

It’s snowing rather heavily outside, so we’re spending the evening watching the Winter Olympics at home. Fun!

Speaking of fun, today’s featured design is a pair of adorable penguins.

They have a bright red heart between them.

They say that penguins mate for life.

This is a cute, fun design for those who have found their life partner. A guy penguin with a red hat is on the left: customize with the guy’s initial. On the right is a girl penguin with a red bow: customize with the girl’s initial.

You may also customize the top and bottom text with your own message.

“Will you be my penguin?” is an infinitely cute and lovable way to propose.

Perfect for wedding proposals, Valentine’s Day, engagements and anniversaries.

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