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A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl last year. My girlfriend will soon be celebrating her birthday and I had been wracking my brains on what to give her.

She and her husband are financially well off. They don’t need baby supplies. When my friend got pregnant their parents gifted them with land and a house and a SUV (What a bunch of super generous parents!). That means my friend and her husband won’t be bogged down with the many years a lot of couples go through paying mortgage, nor find the need take out a car loan for a new set of family wheels. The husband has a steady, well-paying job while my friend has enough inheritance from her grandfather to stay at home until the baby grows up.

What do you give a woman who has everything?

I came up with the perfect present.

The last time I visited them I was able to take some nice pictures of Mommy and Baby. I made a customized photo clock that matched the color of their nursery (peach, in this case).

When my friend opened the present she was completely delighted. I could tell that she genuinely loved it! Even the husband thought it was a great idea 🙂

Clock Gifts that Delight

Customized clocks are not only practical and affordable, they also make wonderful keepsakes. In this article I’ll share some clocks I designed that are available for customization. Add your best photo and voila! A unique, timeless gift that they will treasure for years to come.

First, here’s a pretty pink nursery.

Sissy and Marley designed this pink nursery

Photo courtesy of Very Rosenberry

I like the contemporary take on the traditional pink baby girl’s nursery. The mix of patterns add interest to the pinks in the room.

Now here’s a lovely striped clock, perfect for the pink-themed nursery.

A sweet, simple clock with pastel pink, yellow and brown stripes, and a silver-pink band with Roman numerals serving as a frame for your favorite image. Replace the sample photo with your own. Add your names or text for a clock that is truly unique and memorable. I think it makes the perfect gift for new mothers and young children. This gift will look wonderful in a nursery!

Designed by Sissy + Marley

Photo courtesy of

I like how this room is so gender neutral. The white walls and dark wooden flooring makes a soothing space, one that would easily grow with the child, or niftily converted to a guestroom or home office.

A clean, simple design in light grey, with a silver band, would match any neutral room. A neat, elegant keepsake that will delight every parent who prefers modern, minimalist interiors. The child himself/herself when they grow up might appreciate such a cool clock! 🙂

Next up is a nursery with a coastal or nautical theme.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

The fish mobile is adorable!

Here’s a simple clock with white sand, turquoise waters and blue sky in the background.

I think it makes a nice coastal gift for new parents, as well as anyone who loves to swim in open water or frolic on the beach.

Finally, not a nursery but a girl’s room in shades of green and pink.

Photo courtesy of Rosenberry Rooms

I love the classic molding and large windows of this room. The pistachio green furniture, soft furnishings in pink, and butterfly decorations on the wall create a super pretty space. For rooms like this, here’s a charming, vintage pistachio green clock with tiny butterflies fluttering about.

The ring has a subtle burlap texture. Replace the sample photo with your own, and customize with names or message. Makes the perfect gift for the girl in your life who loves flowers, butterflies, nature and the great outdoors.

Gifts for the New Mommy

I chose Roman numerals for the clock designs because I feel they make the item more interesting and unusual. Also, instead of child-like or cutesy number fonts I went with a classic Serif font for a timeless, classic feel.

I hope the owners of the clocks would want to use them for a long time, to transfer them from the nursery to other rooms in the house once the nursery is no longer needed. I think this requires a simplicity in the design, one that focuses on the precious moment captured by the photo and not the cartoon characters in the background.

I hope you enjoyed today’s nursery gifts post!

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