Celebrating the Day of Love: Pink Trees and Chocolate

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It’s that wonderful time of the year!

And I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. Less than a month to go before the (unfortunately, not a holiday) big day celebrating love. I personally think we should celebrate love everyday (hah!), but then it’s always nice to have one other day, aside from birthdays, to let someone know you love them.

Valentine’s Day in Japan

Here in Japan Valentine’s Day has been turned into a chocolates-for-guys festival, an upside-down event where the women buy chocolates for their men. I remember all the years when I would go to the department stores a few days before February 14th, and find myself in a chocolate buying frenzy. It’s a huge event, and the turnout is always big, too. In my department store of choice they dedicate an entire floor to the chocolate industry. Women have their choice of the best chocolates from all over the world: Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy; you name it, they have it.

Usually the crowd is so thick it’s hard to navigate. You’d think a woman would only have a couple of men they’d like to give chocolates to, I mean, one can’t possibly be in love with so many men! But the crafty marketing industry here have come up with the concept of “giri-choco” or sweets given out of obligation. Meaning, a woman is obliged to give chocolates to her male co-workers, guy friends, relatives with the Y chromosome, etc. That’s why it’s like a battlefield in the most popular stores. I do NOT have fond memories of my days of chocolate-buying madness.

Chocolates Like Jewelry

While I did not enjoy the crush of women desperate to get their hands on the best chocolate their budget can afford, I loved looking at all the gorgeous chocolates, in their beautiful shapes and resplendant wrappings. Everything was just so, so pretty and chic, like a box of fine jewelry. It was a feast for the eyes. Drool!

The rest of the world is better off, I think, in that in most cases the giver would only have to think of a person or two to buy for.

So I’ve come up with many different designs celebrating St Valentine’s Day. I’ll be posting them from this day onward, right up to the 14th of next month.

Monogrammed Pink Trees and Leaves

Here’s a design consisting of stylized trees in shades of pink, with different geometric patterns. Several kinds of leaves in black outline are distributed in between. Customize with your initials and other text. Makes the perfect gift for the tree hugger or nature lover in your life.

Monogrammed Patterned Pink Trees Leaves Botanical Throw Pillow by Beverly Claire Designs
Monogrammed Patterned Pink Trees Leaves Botanical Throw Pillow by Beverly Claire Designs

Have your beloved accent their home with these custom throw pillows. Celebrate your love for them and their love of nature, at the same time. There are two fabric types to choose from: 100% polyester, high quality Simplex Knit fabric that are soft and wrinkle free, and a higher end Grade A cotton.

Shield your beloved’s iPad Mini from daily damage with this customizable case. It’s made of lightweight hard shell plastic, adding protection without the bulk. The glossy finish makes the graphics pop out. It’s Smart Cover compatible, too.

A frosted glass mug is both elegant and practical. Your beloved will enjoy seeing their morning drink peeking through the trees and leaves and custom initials.

Customizable Chocolate Bars by Chocomize

Speaking of chocolate, instead of buying from a store, why not customize your own chocolate bar, using all the ingredients you know your beloved would love?

You can choose from 3 premium Belgian chocolate bases and over 100 ingredients!

Custom Chocolate Bars by Chocomize via Zazzle

Favorites include hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecan halves, walnuts, whole almonds, sliced almonds, organic cashews, roasted organic peanuts or pistachios, pumpkin seeds, organic flax seeds, organic sesame seeds, butter toasted peanuts, roasted sunflower seeds, dried strawberries or cranberries, dried raspberries or cherries, banana chips, blueberries, coconut flakes, mango or pineapple dices, papaya dices, organic Thompson raisins, diced ginger, orange peel, or diced lemon peel.

Spicy flavors are also available: cinnamon, cayenne pepper, mini chipotles, lavender, Himalayan sea salt, cardamom, and pumpkin spice.

Custom Chocolate Bars by Chocomize via Zazzle

Candy options include chocolate candy, peanut chocolate candy, Gummi Bears, Sour Patch Kids, peanut butter drops, butterscotch, toffee, caramel pieces, mini marshmallows, Oreo Pieces, Gushers, jelly beans, Skittles, Nerds, crushed peppermint candy, white chocolate chips, Junior Mints, cookie dough, candy corn, Reese’s Pieces, Pop Rocks, dark chocolate chips, sprinkles, mini pretzels, coffee beans, ground coffee, Graham Teddies, graham crackers, caramelized Rice Crispies, vanilla granola, Cocoa Nibs and Monkey Munch.

Toppings like 23 karat gold flakes, crystallized rose or violet petals, and candy sugar hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, there’s also the option of topping your bar with real bacon! 🙂

How are you preparing for Valentine’s Day? What’s your favorite gift to give or receive?

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  1. slf says:

    I like giving and receiving food items. Flowers are too ephemeral but if it has to be a plant, I’d rather get a pot of an herb.

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