A Handsome and Comfy Office with Trunk Table

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I’ve recently written about vintage suitcases as attractive storage. Today the Architectural Digest newsletter popped up in my inbox and my-oh-my! I’m really loving the feature on director Aaron Sorkin’s Hollywood office.

Aaron Sorkin’s Hollywood office. Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

It’s designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. I love this guy. His interior designs always manage to catch my eye and make me want to write about them 🙂

Anyway, going back to the Sorkin office. A velvet-upholstered sofa balances out the leather textures of the armchairs. I love the mix of patterns: the striped wallpaper, simple shades with black trim, geometric carpet. But most of all, the coffee table! Don’t you just love that oversized trunk table? The room has an air of eminence and history and masculinity as well as comfort, and the trunk table contributes to all that.

Trunk Tables Galore

Now I really want a trunk table myself, though I’ve nowhere to put it! Still, I did some window shopping. Here’s a selection of admittedly smaller trunk tables (small enough to fit in my apartment…)

I particularly like the Gold Rush Steamer Trunk (top left). Which do you like best?

Making the Office a Home

In Sorkin’s office, I love how a variety of throw pillows help tie the room together, with their different shades of blue, beige and brown.

Here are some items in my store that will work in an office setting.

A beautiful piece of pottery, with floral motifs and stripes. Customize with your names, initials or text for a pillow that is uniquely your own.

A row of nostalgic, retro buildings with reflections on a lake, standing proud against a clear blue sky. Customize with your name or other text. Makes the perfect gift for anyone who likes evocative urban scenes and deep blue skies.

A harmonious mix of abstract geometric patterns in burgundy, amber, brown and orange. Customize this masculine yet warm design with your initials and text. Makes a great gift for a bachelor friend or male co-worker.

An antique phonograph or gramophone with musical notes. Enjoy the fine textures and subdued gold tones of this lovely yet fun design. Sure to be cherished by both the vintage lover and music aficionado. Customize with names and initials.

Elegant and Practical Office

I hope you enjoyed this post on trunk coffee tables. Do you have one at home or in the office? If not, which among the choices would you pick? Also, what do you like best about Sorkin’s office? Please share in the comment section below!

Books with Martyn Lawrence-Bullard interior designs

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  1. slf says:

    I like the mug but I wish I had a pillow in the office!

    • beverlyclaire says:

      Thanks, glad you like the mug design! I wish you lived close enough for me to give you a throw pillow. We have nearly a dozen at home; only four are being used, the others are stashed away in dark places…

  2. hanS says:

    sorkin’s office is super neat. da size of my entire flat. hah! love the trunk table myself. from your selection i’ll take the middle left. many treasures to put in there, mostly books! 😉

    • beverlyclaire says:

      Hey Han! Nice to know you love the trunk as much as I do. Yeah, Sorkin’s office is amazing, isn’t it? I also dig the fully equipped kitchen! I like the treasure chest choice. Great one for storing precious old journals 🙂

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